Investing is for gains not for losses

There is this nonsense going around about “I invest what I can afford to lose”.

Which “good” investor, invests to lose? What really is investment? Let us define this:

Investing: the act of committing, laying out money or capital in an enterprise with the expectation of profit.

Money is invested with an expectation of profit. So one expects to make a profit from his investing activities, not losses.

The very act of investing calls for some of the following.

  1. Careful analysis of the business within which one wants to invest.
  2. Careful analysis of the sector within which one plans to invest.
  3. Pouring over the financial records of the company you plan to invest in (ie stocks).

The idea is to make sure that the downside of investing is low, while the upside is great. Having done all the above does not however guarantee you profits, as unexpected acts could take place, which throws your plans off track. The goal however is to have done the your best to make sure the outcome is in your favour.

Afford to Lose

The latest buzzword for those “investing” in the Alternative Investment Scheme (AIS) of “investing only what you can afford to lose” is nothing more than rhetoric. If Olint or any of the AIS ever post a loss in any month after a string of monthly profits, we would all see these guys scrambling to get out.

At the end of every month these same folk are asking.

  1. How much did Olint, Lewfam post this month?
  2. When am I going to get my requested funds?

If they are like some investors that could really afford to lose it, then it really does not matter if they are every paid. I am sure that the AIS GUYS who read these blogs, and are not paying, would be thinking, these guys who invest with us can afford to lose their investments, so what is the big deal.

Words of Wisdom

Warren Buffet, one the world richest men of this generation, echos the words of wisdom from his mentor. The two key rules of investing given by Benjamin Graham should be held in high regard. The two rules are:

  • Don’t lose money, and
  • Don’t forget the first rule.

No real investor, invests with the intention to lose. One should seek to analyze, diversify and practice good risk management in order mitigate losses should they occur. Remember,  “Think and Check before you Invest.”

3 Responses

  1. we all know we dont wanna invest to lose …….but these sorts of risks are higher and “new” and not transparent so i guess them have to tek a all or nutting aproach so as to not lose their mind

  2. I agree with “elefly”. Nothing is transparent, there is virtually no communication coming out of LewFam. What started out as a good investment opportunity has digressed into something else. What good are high gain months if nobody has been paid in 6 months? Forget the crap of “invest what you can lose” the whole point of the club is to make money and if I can’t get access to it then what could is these high yield returns? And how do we really know what the “real” return is with Olint. We’ll never know if he had a down month by the way he does things. What he thinks is a good idea now will most likely bite him in the ass down the road when half his people walk off.

  3. pipunit …….I see you are venturing from invest 4life. They may not let you back in.people with diffeerent views point have been bumped off.

    I think we need to assess the info we have and getting critically as we need answers. This is no time for friend and company and hearsey….We need answers….people have the potential to lose alot of money.

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