May Daisy – No comfort for investors

This is the latest correspondence from May Daisy. Once again it is not saying much. An interesting quote is the following 

We assure you, too, that persons in cycle A are being paid. Despite what some of you may think you know, this club is quite large. We have prided ourselves on privacy and confidentiality – qualities we will always uphold. 

As usual there is now evidence. How many members are in the club? No one knows. How many Members are in Cycle A? You can read the rest correspondence below.

Trust in the Lord and lean not unto thine own understanding. But in all thy ways acknowledge him and he will direct thy path.”

Greetings Dear Partner,

Current Situation

Firstly, we must say we have received your various feedbacks on the closure. It was indeed a difficult decision for us, but, all things considered, we do believe it is the right one.

We have been saddened by this action far more than you can imagine, as we had a vision of empowering the ordinary man to pursue his dreams and, by so doing, building Jamaica from the bottom up. Building a Jamaica where, for once, we would be charting our own destiny. This, for now, remains only a dream and we are indeed saddened.


There seems to have been some misunderstanding of the cycle allocations: this, we now seek to clarify. Each and every member is assigned to a cycle. This is so whether not the account is being closed. Any payment at all that a member is to get will only be done in that assigned cycle.

We indicated that we would have started updating the accounts in another two weeks, not completed the update. This process is now in progress and accounts are being updated. This is being done in cycles so the earliest cycles are updated first. We expect, too, that all accounts will be updated before the end of this month.

Once your account has been updated, on logging into your account, regardless of the status, you will see your designated cycle and the month end when that payout commences.

We assure you, too, that persons in cycle A are being paid. Despite what some of you may think you know, this club is quite large. We have prided ourselves on privacy and confidentiality – qualities we will always uphold.

Due Dilligence

As we are currently in the closeout phase, additional documentation will not be accepted.

Accounts for which documentation were submitted within the required period, but were previously not updated, are being updated now and this will be reflected on these accounts before the end of the month.


Gains Allocation

Further to the introduction of payout cycles, we are also adjusting the periods for the allocation of gains. Gains will now be credited to accounts on a quarterly basis.

Staffing and Personnel

As part of our on-going restructuring, we will be introducing a new Operations Team. We must take the opportunity to thank the present Director and her team for their most invaluable contribution. They have supported us well under extreme pressure and very trying circumstances, and to them, we say a most hearty and heartfelt “thank you” for a job well done. We wish them all well in their future endeavours.

Our Customer Service providers will remain in place until further notice, so there should not be any noticeable difference in that interface with you.

The new team will be introduced to you at the end of this handover phase.

Thank You

We thank you for your prayers, words of comfort and support during our time of bereavement. Thank you very much and we continue to rely solely on the Lord Jesus to carry us through.

(2 Corinthians 9 :6)

Remember this: The farmer who plants a few seeds will have a very small harvest. But the farmer who plants because he has received God’s blessings will receive a harvest of God’s blessings in return.

God bless you all,

Your Management Team


4 Responses

  1. Hahaha.

    Another con artist has made of with millions of Jamaican people money.

    We have become a nation of people who have become so gullible and blinded by the 10% per mth that we simply throw our money at just about any “fly by night” company that offers 10% per mth.

    It is really sad to see it come to this, and once again, like Carlos Hill did, people have been given a carrot and will be left cashless at the end of these “cycles’, whatever the hell that is.

    We continue to do the very same thing and expect a different result – that is what some folks call madness.

    I really wonder when all this madness will end?

    Very sad indeed!!

    What is so hard to understand?


    But then again the advice has always been ” Invest only what you can afford to lose”.

    The operators of these schemes have made sure that those who invest with them pay for the above statements and have simply paid a few and then walk away with a “bag a cash”.

    So much money taken ,with so little effort, so why even try to hold you up and take it, when they can take it from you, simply by promising to pay 10% per mth and pay for a few months.

  2. @Jay. This is no laughing matter. It is very sad. May Daisy is not promising any more transparency only more privacy.

    While 10% per month can be and is often big big sign of a scam, that alone does mean it is a scam. Promised interested rates way less than 10% month can also be a scam. It is important that people know HOW the business is making money and that the information provided is independently verified by credible agencies.

    Things people also need to watch out for is
    * lack of transparency – What is really going on? How does the business make money, what is the organizational structure
    * lack of accountability – Who is in charge of MD now?
    * lack of disclosure – Where is the audited Financial Statements?
    * Is the entity registered and regulated – is May Daisy registered? No

  3. JohnDoe,

    I really did not mean to be laughing at those who invest, I guess I am more pi@@ed than anything else.
    When you tell people that they should be careful, look out for the signs of scam etc, they tell you go to hell and ban you from the blogs.

    Very few even bother to look into what is being said and seriously ask questions.

    I may be said to be hard, but I am inclined not to feel sorry or any of these folks who have been scammed, as they asked for it.

    People must learn to take responsibility for their own actions.
    We can no longer continue to blame FSC, banks, Jay, JohnDoe, Jason as being “bad minded” and want to see people lose their money.

    Its not even that folks at this stage invested in something viable and lost, that can happen and will at times happen.

    I am talking here about people simply giving away their money to a scam and then expecting others to take the blame for their action.

    JOHN – I will state categorically, than ANY investment in Jamaica or anywhere else than promises 10% pm is a SCAM – Barring None.

    I am not saying that an investment cannot gross 10% per mth for an investor, as I have shown that its possible to achieve those numbers. The difference is that while those returns were made, there was NEVER any guarantees made to the investors.


  4. this is very concerning as like olint there where people that formed their own investment company to get money to invest on other people’s behalf with May Daisy and now are unable to get their money now. Now I guess people need to learn that the only thing that will truly bring you wealth is education, a great invention and hard work.

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