Cash Plus case put off

Power 106 FM and RJR are reporting that Cash Plus’s case has been put off until July 21.

According to the Power 106 report, the lawyers involved in the several cases including, Carlos Hill’s lawyer Paul Beswick, the lawyers for those with lawsuits, the lawyers for BNS and the lawyers with another kingston businessman, are to attempt to have the cases heard at the same time given that they are substantially all related.

Of interest is that the receivers report was requested by the lawyers of the kingston businessman and Judge granted the request for him to receive copies. The Cash Plus receiver’s report cannot be acted on until all the cases against Cash Plus have been heard.

The cases involved can be categorised  in this way

  1. Objection to appointment of Cash Plus Receiver: Cash Plus is arguing that the receiver was improperly appointed as the the person who applied for company to going into receivership does not have the authority
  2. Lawsuits to recover Deposits: There are at least 4 lawsuits from persons suing Cash Plus and Carlos Hill to recover their “investments”. This includes lawsuits brought on behalf of David P. Rowe and businessman Haber
  3. Bank seeking guidance on Client confidentiality: BNS is asking for the court’s guidance as the Cash Plus Receiver/Manager has requested information from the bank on some clients.
  4. Receiver for Carlos Hill’s Assets: Carlos Hill’s personal assets are now under control of a receiver based on a action brought by an investor.
Cash Plus went into receivership at the end of March 2008. It offered investors a minimum of 10% per month on deposits(loans). Cash Plus founder, Carlos Hill is also facing fraud charges in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s court on July 17. Before that he must comply with another order by June 19 or face 6 weeks jail time.



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