Receiver takes control of Carlos Hill’s Assets

RJR news is now reporting that Carlos Hill’s personal assets are in the hands of another receiver/manager. According to the report, the High Court has appointed a Receiver/Manager to oversee his personal assets.

Carlos Hill is also prevented under the order from disposing of any personal assets. It is understood that the personal assets were placed under receivership as a result of a lawsuit filed by a Cash Plus investor. 

The Receiver/Manager has the authority to track down and seize his personal assets. It is understood the investor who has more than $20 million tied up in Cash Plus applied for the receivership last month.

On May 22, 2008, the court ordered that Carlos Hill be sent to prison for 6 six weeks but the committal order was stayed until June 19, 2008.



3 Responses

  1. Hold up.

    I thought the original court ruling prevented him from disposing of both C+ assets plus his (CH)M personal assets.

    The problem I think his most of it is outside of Jamaica.
    The crooks made sure of that from sometime back.

  2. Jay,

    you right, why would Hill be paying over $7,000 US per month for rent, and developping so many millon $ house. He could have purchase one for himself.

    I think he was planing on running away from day one and he knew hell will break out one day.

  3. Letter from Gleaner 7/12/08:

    This is the sort of thing WE (detractors) were concern about.

    I don’t understand how Carlos Hill took so many poor people’s money and everybody has kept quiet. I am a victim and Carlos Hill was living in a US$7,000-a-month house, when I can’t buy food to feed my child.
    I just had a newborn baby and I am breastfeeding and dying of hunger, while Hill is well fed. He used his smooth talk to make Jamaicans feel sorry for him. “I love you, my Jamaican people,” he said.

    I took all of my money in the bank that I have been saving for the past eight years from JMMB and invested it in Cash Plus, without knowing he had a criminal record.

    I got only one month’s interest. I invested for six months and put all the money back, maybe because I am either greedy or stupid. Now, I am left with a newborn baby, thousands of dollars of doctor’s bill, no money, thousands of dollars of loans and money borrowed from others.

    I can’t pay a cent back. I have to be hiding from everyone because I can’t pay them back.

    – Morine Shaw,

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