World Wise Manager Resigns

Reports are surfacing that the Managing Director of World Wise has resigned. A CVM TV report in a June 5, 2008 news cast says the Manager has resigned as he is frustrated. The report also claimed that that there are reports of

  • Poor record of accounts
  • Poor accounting information
  • Poor Asset management
  • Missing Check Leaves
  • Staff problems including insubordination

CVM TV reported that the manager claims that if his recommendations are implemented, World Wise could become a strong company and the envy of others.

On June 2, 2008, World Wise closed operations to the public for 60 days in what it calls a “restructuring” period, involving audits, office re-location and software upgrade. During that time no payments will be made to customers and no new members will be accepted. We wonder who was running the company, the manager or someone else


One Response

  1. The C- MD resigned just before the eventual collapse of C-, is there in similarity here.?

    How do the “investors” in these alternatives sleep at nights?
    Well it appears that some dont, as they are always here looking for the latest piece of information to determine if their funds are still where they placed them.

    The problem is they can see “gains” posted in their accounts but they cannot get access to it.

    Regardless they will remain loyal , until of course they get back their funds and breathe a sign of releif, after which they leave the blog, happy to have not lost out, once again . 🙂

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