May Daisy Members still in the Dark

May Daisy members are still being left in the dark regarding repayments. There are supposed to be six groups, A-E with the first group being repaid by June 13 and the last group by November 14. Here is a synopsis

Dear Members:

We apologize that we have not completed the updates to all the accounts. The updates have been delayed as we try to honour the many requests for status reviews. Update priority is given to the accounts in the earlier cycles. We have updated all of the cycle “A” accounts, therefore all persons in this cycle will now have seen this reflected on their account. This cycle has been closed. We have also closed off the list for the cycle “B” accounts and are in the process of updating these accounts.

We expect the payments to be on time and are working feverishly to ensure this happens. We thank you for your patience and wish you God’s richest blessings.

The problem is no one knows which group they are in. It is reported that May Daisy has issued an announcement claiming that the members in Group A have been repaid and should start seeing this reflected in their banking accounts. 

However, “investors” have found this less that satisfying and are angry and puzzled at the way they are being treated. May Daisy in good times paid 20% per month on sums invested. The returns were allegedly generated by FOREX trading. May Daisy had previously announced that on May 31, 2008 it would closed all Jamaican accounts because of challenges dealing with aggressive Jamaican investors.



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