TCIFX.Com no longer points to

Earlier this morning we discovered that was pointing to However, it appear that things have changed and it no longer is happening. The domain now reports the following error, “Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)”.

What we do know is that domain name is owned by  the same company responsible for the development of and possibly the same persons responsible from the back-end of Olint.



2 Responses

  1. Look what I just found.
    Investforlife continue your search as everyday another clubs pops up on the radar that trades with Olint.
    This is another one .

    Fxmillionaire clubs, who accounts( except the “A” account) are traded on by Olint.

    The FX Millionaire Club is a legally incorporated company in the Turks & Caicos Island. We have designed a research system and affiliated ourselves with the most reliable, dependable and successful Forex traders in The world. Our main trader, Overseas Locket International Corporation (OLINT), managed by Mr. David Smith, handles our “B” Gold & “C” Silver accounts exclusively.

    (Look carefully where the club is incorporated, did you catch that).

    Further the website states :

    “Our philosophy is to enrich not just ourselves but also our members. We pass on the returns to our Club members keeping only a small percentage for ourselves. We have a very exclusive private members club; invitation only. We do not profess to be investors, nor are we financial advisors and as such we DO NOT advertise or promote or give unrealistic promises. The Forex traders that we are associated with utilize state of the art tools and the intellectual ability of their Forex Trader ”

  2. Yet another forex club with links to Olint .
    This forex club is based in Antigua and traders through Olint.

    This is there website.

    Now one can understand why Olint can keep going, as there are funds coming into into from numerous other clubs.

    So far this is what we have found

    FxMillionaire Forex Club
    Wilshaw Forex Club
    Olint TCI
    UWIN –

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