Cash Plus Investors to meet

Reports are surfacing that Cash Plus investors are scheduled to meet at JACISERA PARK off Molynes Road today, May 25,2008, at 4:30 p.m. Seemingly frustrated by the the failure of Cash Plus to pay, investors are to meet to possibly discuss active way forward.

What they are to discuss is not clear, as the fact that Cash Plus is in receivership leaves investors with not much choice but to now sit and wait. Whether, as a group, they we seek to join the list of those filing lawsuits is one thing that might come up.

Update: May 26, 2008. We are unable to get confirmation if the meeting did occur. We understand that another meeting is being planned but we are unable to confirm.


5 Responses

  1. I will like to know when the next meeting is please. I need my money, and i am very determined to get it, the legal way . I am losing my home, and i believe that this is not right, there has to be a solution ti this major and critical problem.

  2. The meeting did in fact took place but no one seems to know the outcome of this meeting.

    At this stage any such meeting is meaningless as this a matter before the courts as well as the Fraud squad

  3. Cash Plus Investors meet for the second time. !!

  4. Keep us updated on meetings and strategies for support and positive resolution of Cash Plus crisis.

  5. Did anyone else miss this.

    It appears that while C- was being declared, a certian “big man” who shall remain nameless was refunded his entire sum from the company.

    So who was allowed to take their funds out of CASH PLUS AFTER is was declared to be insolvent.

    “Some are saying at least one high-profile official with insider information was allowed to withdraw his money from the failed cash-rich scheme days after it was adjudged insolvent, and they are not amused by the notion. They are threatening to make public a copy of the cheque that was issued to cover his ‘loan’ to the company, to show up the person being so accused as being a two-faced hypocrite. “

    I will be working on the name of this person and should have it shortly.

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