Olint outlines new “encashment” procedures

Olint has outlined new “encashment” procedures as the saga never ends. Below is alleged copy of the communication.  There is special instructions for persons you made e-mail requests before March 10, 2008. Interestingly this came announcement came on the day that we should have heard from the court on the injunction barring NCB from closing OLINTs accounts.

Below is the  special instructions

Dear Club Member

We will resume our encashment request processing on Thursday, June 5, 2008.

In order to ensure that earlier encashment requests are honoured before later encashment requests, i.e., “first in first out”, in the shortest possible time, we are asking for your assistance in this effort

IF YOUR REQUEST WAS DONE BY E-MAIL, BEFORE MARCH 10TH, and you have not yet received the full amount please do the following.

1. Visit our web site at http://www.overseaslocket.com and login by entering your username and password.

2. Under the Navigation Menu click on the option for ‘other activities’

Select ‘Remittance Methods’

Select either ‘wire transfer, cards, cheque, or draft’. (existing remittance option(s) should appear)

If there is no remittance for your selection, select ‘new’ and create one.

3. Under the Navigation Menu click on the option for ‘encashments’.

4. Select the correct account from which you wanted the encashment

5. Next click on the option for ‘new encashments’.

6. In the encashment pop up box, enter the details for any request that were made by email that has not yet been fulfilled.

For the request date entry, enter the day and the month that the e-mailed request was sent and in the Year field enter 2050. The 2050 will act as a code to distinguish your entry as a previously emailed request. We will use this information to trace your original e-mailed request.

7. Members can cancel a previous request by performing the following steps

(a) Under the Navigation Menu click on the option for ‘encashments’.

(b) Select ‘view current encashments’,

(c) Highlight the desired request by clicking on it,

(d) Press ‘delete’ to remove the request.

Please do not enter a date earlier than that of your original email or an amount greater than that originally requested, as this will not only delay the processing of your request but result in it not being processed at all as we would be unable to reconcile it with the original e-mail. The result will be that you will have to renew your request and this would place you further along in the queue. In the circumstances we anticipate and will appreciate your co-operation.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your patience over the past months as we continue to improve the delivery of services to you.

A schedule outlining the Encashment delivery dates will be available on May 28th on our web-site. The schedule will entail request made from 1st January, 2008 to May 31st, 2008.


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