May Daisy e-Partner Communigram

e-Partner Communigram

“Trust in the Lord and lean not unto thine own understanding.  But in all thy ways acknowledge him and he will direct thy path.”

Greetings Dear Partner,

Current Situation

The last couple of months have been extremely challenging for us.  We have had to cope with a number of issues both internally and externally and have been forced to seriously review our modus operandi.  We have had a number of deliberations and it was very difficult to arrive at some of our decisions.  Nevertheless as leaders we have to take the actions we deem necessary in the best interest of all concerned.

MayDaisy is not a Jamaican organization and we do not operate in Jamaica.  Our membership comprises persons from all over the world.  We do, however, have a significant percentage of our membership being Jamaicans in Jamaica.    However these last months have been very telling for us. 

As operators of the club, we sought to share what God has given us amongst our brothers and sisters, including in Jamaica, and for that we make no apologies.  We believe in the “upliftment” of our fellow man, but there comes a point when self preservation must come first.  We have reached that point. 

Until February of this year we have had a relatively successful operation. We are a young company and have had our teething pains and are the first to admit that customer service, specifically communication, has not been our strong point and this was due in part to the rapid growth of our organization.  Nevertheless, we have always seen our membership as extended family and have tried to build that kind of relationship. We have maintained significant gains and have always paid our members in a timely manner, and this our members have expressed to us over and over.  We have been told of the many ways we have helped and for that we are happy and give thanks.

In every relationship there are good times and bad times, and we expect that in the bad times, those who you stand by, will stand by you.  However, this has not been our experience.  Let us hasten to add that there are those members who have been extremely supportive and for them we are eternally grateful.  However, we have seen the ugliest side of some of the members, and possibly some of the ugliest that could exist in humans.

We operated the club on a referral basis with the view that persons would want to protect their opportunity and be particular about whom they invite.  This obviously has not been the case; we do not pay a referral fee, as our beliefs and policies are to share freely with others.  But alas, people have begun to hustle off and deceive other people about their gains; we do not charge a fee for entry but again we have seen where members have charged persons handsomely to invite them in; we have had to contend with the malicious things you continue to say about us, and to us and wonder how could something so right be so wrong?

This has been very disheartening for us, as it seems that all the things we are trying to eradicate and put people in a position to rise above, are being perpetuated.  All these uglies are coming from the Jamaican membership, and the Jamaican membership only.

We have decided that against this background of hostility and aggression from the Jamaican membership, plus the prevailing climate with the authorities there, that it is really too much to ask of us to continue doing business with this section of our club, as this is near martyrdom, that is totally unjustifiable.   We feel persecuted at the first sign of a hitch and, though we have tried, our staff is simply not equipped to manage this level of hostility.  No….no more.  Hence effective May 30th we are closing out all Jamaican accounts. 


As you all are aware, no institution in the world can withstand large scale withdrawals at once. Hence we have designed a payment schedule that will facilitate all relevant parties.  Payments to members will be done in fixed cycles.  Each member is assigned to a cycle and payments will only be done in the stated periods for that cycle. 

Payout Schedule

Each cycle will have a fixed payout period as indicated below:



A May 30th – June 13th  2008

B June 30th – July 11th 2008

C July 30th – August 15th – 2008

D August 29th – Sept 12th 2008

E Sept 30th – Oct 10th 2008

F Oct 30th – Nov 14th 2008

Within the next two weeks members will begin seeing their designated cycle once they log in to their account. 

This procedure applies to ALL payments that have not been made whether in part or in full, and includes both standing orders and adhoc requests.  We will make every effort, and have put the necessary steps in place to ensure that these dates are adhered to.  Special arrangements are being sought to facilitate full payment on accounts especially for the accounts being closed. 


Gains will be posted at the end of May for both April and May.  Any gains determined at the time will be posted to all accounts that have not been settled.

Due Diligence Documents

Documentation submitted subsequent to the status updates will have to be processed prior to any account updates.  As soon as this is completed for each account, any necessary updates will be reflected on the account.  

Where do we go from here?

Once we have completed this exercise, then we would have completed this initial round of our due diligence and cleanup.  The payment cycles will be further refined and new payment modes will be put in place.  The remaining members will be later apprised of the plans moving forward.

We must take this opportunity to thank you all for choosing us to be of service to you.  For those of you leaving us here, we wish you all the best in your endeavors.   For those persons continuing on, we look forward to your ongoing support in building the club we all envisage and are sure will materialize very soon.

(Isaiah 54: 16 – 17)

Behold, I have created the smith who blows the fire of coals and produces a weapon for its purpose. I have also created the ravager to destroy; no weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed, and you shall confute every tongue that rises against you in judgment. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their vindication from me, declares the Lord.”

God bless you all,

Your Management Team


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