World Wise to close small accounts

World Wise Partner is closing small accounts, those under US$ 2000. This they say has to be done as the costs to maintain these accounts are high making them not viable. However, those account holders have to option to increase their minimum to US$ 5000 to stay in the club. If account owners opt to do that, It would provide a fresh injection of capital into the fund. If they don’t it could add to the problems of World Wise because as the saying goes, “one one coco full basket”

Also interesting is that the FSC is saying that they have received and appliation from World Wise Investments not World Wise Partners, which is a different company although both are operated by the same individuals.

World Wise has been having problems paying customers especially in recent times. This  along with complaints of poor customer service and communications, has put a strain  the relationship between World Wise and it partners.

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