Jamaica Stock Exchange Preference Share offer opens

The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) preference share offer opens today. The shares are being sold for $2.00 per share with a minimum lot of 15000 shares. Additional shares can be bought in lots of 10,000 shares.

The offer closes on May 30, 2008. For more details visit the Jamaica Stock Exchange at http://www.jse.com.jm

May Daisy cuts Jamaica Ties

Once again the rumours have turned out to be right. The Gleaner/ Power 106 news carries the news that May Daisy is fed up with Jamaicans and their behaviour. Is this and excuse to run off with peoples’ money or will they be true to their word and pay back everyone by November 14, as they say?  Only time will tell.

Offshore investment scheme cut ties
Read the story here: May Daisy dropping Jamaican Customers

World Wise at odds with RBTT

World Wise joins the list of  alternative investment schemes that find themselves at odds with a bank. WorldWise yesterday obtained an injunction barring  RBTT from closing their accounts.  The rumors have been flying around but now it is before the courts. 


Olint at a Cross Road

Here is a good article to read on the Olint Situation. 

“If David (Smith) does pay out everybody what he should rightfully pay them, then there will be a huge sigh of relief right across Jamaica. He would be regarded as a hero and his reputation will be enhanced both professionally and personally. If he does not, he will be stigmatised as a charlatan and rendered a pariah. His fate lies in his own hands. His word, dare I say it, has to be his bond.”

Source: Olint at Crossroad

Jamaica Government Bond up for Sale

The Jamaica government is once again borrowing to finance the 2008/2009 budget. The rates are 13.95 % for the first 3 months and then 1.25% above the average treasury bill rate. Offer closes Monday May 19, 2008. Interest is paid quarterly and the bond matures in 4 years.


Cash Plus fights Receiver

A Radiojamaica reports  that Lawyers representing the Cash Plus on Thursday filed action in Court challenging the takeover of Cash Plus by the authorities. We can clearly recall Carlos Hill on Television claiming that he had he/Cash Plus has asked the court to appoint a receiver.  The lawyers are suppose to present their case to June 12, 2008.


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